RP Prompts: Flowers

I have been in a prompt mood lately, and I fell in love with the idea once it popped into my head! I love comparing characters to different things, and using certain actions/items in their lives as a way of exploring who they are as little people. The question is the following.

If your character were a flower, which would they be…and why?


A bright yellow gerbera daisy. Daises in general are associated with joy and innocence. Gerbera daisies in particular are also considered to stand for cheerfulness because of their vibrant and happy colors. They are usually used to cheer people up, and she also likes to think of that as one of her main concerns in life: making sure others enjoy life.


If he were a flower, he would be a wisteria. These flowers on a vine grow where they will, with little regard for anything other than getting as much sun as possible. They are often associated with youth and poetry because of their free-growing nature.


The white asiatic lily, as with all lilies, is the classic flower to represent purity and fertility. Its long and elegant petals sway as Tuija does with the winds of change. Their icy-white color match her love of the snow-covered land from whence she came. The bold red stamen and pistils represent her deeply-rooted passion and love for family.


Gladiolus flowers, meaning “sword” in Latin. They grow tall and straight, standing proud. They are boldly colored with deep streaks and sharp leaves. A beautiful flower of severe naming and presence. They are hard to miss, and so is she.


Light purple lilacs, almost a pink hue. According to Greek legend, the beautiful nymph Syringa (lilac’s botanical name) caught the heart of the forest god, who loved her. She turned into the flower known as lilac to escape from his affections. They are known for youthful innocence and first loves. They are nondescript but beautifully fragrant, much like Sky who is incredibly average on the outside while retaining an exquisite strength of character deep down.